Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The 2010-2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is a comprehensive, multi-modal “blueprint” for transportation systems and services aimed at meeting the mobility needs of Kootenai County through the year 2035.

The MTP may be viewed by sections below:

Executive Summary

Section 1 - Overview and Key Policy Issues
Section 2 - Travel Demand Modeling, Data, and Analysis
Section 3a - Existing Conditions pages 1-34
Section 3b - Existing Conditions pages 35-88
Section 4a - Future Conditions pages 1-24
Section 4b - Future Conditions pages 25-42
Section 5 - Financial Analysis
Section 6 - Planned Projects

Appendix A: Bridging the Valley Brochure
Appendix B: KMPO Public Involvement Policy
Appendix C: Mail Distribution List
Appendix D: KMPO Model Final Report
Appendix E: KMPO Model Policy Approved 6-5-08
Appendix F: KMPO Board Approved Growth Projections
Appendix G: KMPO Large Development Review
Appendix H: Kootenai Coordinated Human Services Public Transit Plan 2010
Appendix I: Non-Motorized Plan Report 2009
Appendix J: Detailed Project Expenditures
Appendix K: Public Comments
Appendix L: All Agency Comments