Health Corridor Study

KMPO in association with ignite cda, Kootenai Health, City of Coeur d’ Alene, and the Idaho Transportation Department partnered to identify the transportation changes needed to accommodate development in and around the Health Corridor Urban Renewal District. The Health Corridor Master Plan, approved in November 2019, proposed a new development pattern for the Health Corridor with the “intent to allow for both Kootenai Health’s campus expansion as well as complementary community development.” However, the Master Plan did not evaluate the traffic implications of the various transportation roadway network elements recommended.

The Master Plan referred to the need for “Mobility Improvements” and recommended further study to
review and refine the transportation infrastructure needs. The purpose of the current Transportation
Planning and Traffic Analysis Study is to build upon the Master Plan and evaluate existing and future
transportation needs to develop recommendations for transportation solutions that address congestion
and safety issues within and around the Health Corridor.

Health Corridor Study Implementation Plan