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Local Option Vehicle Registration Fee Ballot Measure Information

The last major transportation investments in Kootenai County took place in the early 1970’s. Since that time, prosperity brought about by economic growth and development has placed increased pressure and demands on a transportation system that is rapidly reaching its capacity. This has resulted in the inability of the County’s transportation infrastructure to maintain the safe and efficient movement of both people and goods in a reliable manner. The Local Option Vehicle Registration Fee measure would authorize and increase the vehicle registration fees to establish a regional pooled funding source. The pooled funds would be used to leverage competitive grant funding programs and Federal low interest loans in order to accelerate implementation of twelve (12) regional projects, specifically identified to address traffic congestion, on State and local roads in order to ensure safe and efficient transportation for residents of Kootenai County.

Registration fees collected within Kootenai County by this measure would only be used to support the twelve identified local road and highway related projects (above) within Kootenai County.  The Transportation Project Funding List Multi-Year Program was approved by the KMPO Board on August 13, 2020. 

Please visit the following links to learn more:

KMPO Improvement Plan 2020 – Our Transportation Future Presentation

Project List approved by the KMPO Board

Story Map (outlining detailed project information and location)

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Requests for Proposals, Calls for Projects and Program Applications


Currently available Requests for Proposals (RFP), Calls for Projects and Program Appliactions are listed below in alphabetical order.  Click on the sections below to view the full announcement including deadlines.

Updates will be posted as they become available. 

KMPO Board and KCATT Meeting Dates Calendar

2021 KMPO Board and KCATT Meeting Dates

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Maps Designed to Assist Our Community

KMPO Online Construction Map
KMPO Online Construction Map

Recognizing roadway construction projects impact motorists, KMPO member jurisdictions and local utilities have participated in putting together an online construction map which identifies area projects through 2023. The map includes descriptions and time-frame for each project.  Explore the Online Construction Map to view numerous projects throughout Kootenai County that may impact you.

KMPO Online Roadway Information Map
KMPO Roadway Information Map

The KMPO Roadway Information Map provides quick links to our local jurisdictions’ websites, road restriction and closure information, project updates, and contact information.