Intersection and Corridor Performance Reports

With the current rate of growth, associated development, and significant number of large transportation construction projects scheduled over the next five years, the ability to better manage our regional traffic signals and corridors, using real time data and quality analytics, has become essential.

As such, KMPO has collaborated with the Idaho Transportation Department and local jurisdictions to obtain valuable performance data from INRIX IQ for our state, regional and local transportation systems. The use of the INRIX IQ Signal and Corridor Analytics platforms is the first step, in many, to continue to improve our local and regional transportation network’s performance, resiliency and reliability.

INRIX IQ platform provides great insight and understanding into the performance of the existing 116+ traffic signals in the area by allowing local jurisdictions to:

  • monitor the overall performance of traffic signals throughout the region
  • identify traffic signal delays occurring at individual signals on arterial corridors
  • understand signal performance on traffic progression in the corridors
  • detect and address signal malfunctions in a timely manner (e.g., signal timing plans reverting to default mode or being out of sync with other signals throughout a corridor, such as US-95)
  • provide the public with information on the actual performance of the region’s transportation system using nationally standardized performance measures (e.g., traffic crossing an intersection per hour, total hours of delay per day, percentage of traffic arriving on a green light, how much time is spent on a typical trip)

With access to weekly and monthly reports, jurisdictions can identify trends and pinpoint needed areas of improvement – resulting in impactful decisions for and throughout our community. It is important to understand that transportation issues are not solely related to capacity. The responsible management of our transportation system is also about understanding how to best utilize the resources that exist today – while waiting for future investments throughout the region. Access and use of this data is a significant benefit to our region.

About Performance Reports (below)

KMPO receives two types of reports from INRIX IQ:

  • Intersection Performance Reports
    Reports are provided daily, weekly, and monthly and analyze 93 intersections and over 300 approaches for the given time period. The top five intersections with control delay issues by both worsened control delay by total time and worsened control delay per vehicle are reported.
  • Corridor Performance Reports
    Reports are provided weekly for the period Monday through Sunday and analyze 23 corridors. The report highlights the top three corridor issues identifying corridor intersections with the worsened travel times and worsened travel time index.

INRIX Data (Observed data)  is actual vehicle based data that has been collected.  Observed data is representative of the actual performance of a corridor or intersection; however, does not represent  the actual total number of vehicles.  It is a sampling.

INRIX Scaled (Estimated data) is the expansion of actual data to reflect what could be the total number of items such as: Hours of Delay, Total Vehicles etc.  This is for information only and should not be used in place of actual traffic counts for traffic studies or analysis.

Understanding the Reports
Intersection Performance Reports (daily, weekly, and monthly reports)
Corridor Performance Reports (weekly report)
Example – Corridor Free Flow Travel Times

This Week’s Traffic Snapshot

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Intersection Performance

Week of May 20th to May 26th,  2024

Understanding the Intersection
Performance Snapshot


Corridor Performance

Week of May 20th to May 26th, 2024

Understanding the Corridor Performance Snapshot



2023 Reports

Monthly Intersection Reports

Weekly and Monthly Intersection and Corridor Performance Reports

Intersection Performance
Monthly Report
Week of 06/26/2023-unavailable
Week of 06/19/2023-unavailable
Week of 06/12/2023-unavailable
Week of 06/05/2023-unavailable

Corridor Performance
Week of 06/26/2023-unavailable
Week of 06/19/2023-unavailable
Week of 06/12/2023-unavailable
Week of 06/05/2023-unavailable

2022 Reports