Open for Public Comment

ITD is seeking public comment from July 1 – 31 on the seven-year Idaho Transportation Investment Program (ITIP), which helps in planning and prioritizing transportation projects in each region of the state. All interested stakeholders are encouraged to participate.

All comments will be reviewed, incorporated into the ITIP where appropriate, and responses will be sent in August, once the comment period is done.

The ITIP is a “roadmap” for developing future transportation projects, including:

– Highways and bridges
– Bicycle and pedestrian facilities
– Highway safety
– Railroad crossing safety
– Airports
– Public transportation
– Transportation planning
– Freight

The transportation department is offering an online, interactive map that allows users to choose specific project categories, and learn about work that is planned for each area of Idaho.

To view the draft ITIP and interactive map and comment, please visit the buttons at the bottom of the page:

Projects can range from large-scale interstate improvements to smaller projects like the installation of a new guardrail. In all, the draft ITIP includes projects in all 44 counties and all modes of transportation. Projects were selected based on technical data, as well as input from local officials and residents.

Projects start in 2021, and go through 2027.

Public comments will help the department determine if proposed projects meet the department’s three main objectives of improving safety, mobility and economic opportunity.

Production of the ITIP is a year-round process that relies on input from elected officials, citizens, tribal governments, other state and federal agencies, Idaho’s metropolitan planning organizations, the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council, and other interested organizations.

After approval by the Idaho Transportation Board, the ITIP is submitted to the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Transit Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.

View Draft ITIP
Interactive Map

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